PN#10828  SKU#15895  Lucas Racing Formula synthetic 2-cycle oil was developed specifically for racing and other demanding applications. A blend of lubricant base stocks, both a synthetic hydrocarbon type and esters are used, along with a low-ash additive package that ensures superior detergency and anti-wear, both at high and low operating temperatures. Lucas Racing Formula synthetic 2-cycle oil is a low-smoke product and is suitable for air or water-cooled engines. It contains only a small amount of high flash point solvent, yet blends effortlessly with gasoline and resists spark plug fowling. Two Cycle Oils, 2-Cycle Racing Oil, Synthetic, High RPM, Dirt Bikes, Quads, Go Carts, Low-Ash, Meets API TC and JASO FD.

Key benefits:

Top-quality high ester content 2-cycle oil
Designed to leave an oily film on all wetted parts so that you’re never without lubrication
Good for all high performance engines
High-flash, low-smoke product
Low-ash formula to provide more protection against ring sticking, piston scuffing, and wear
Expect longer ring life and lower fuel consumption
Superior rust protection and lubrication
Great for all high rpm and high compression applications such as dirt bikes, quads, and go-karts
Use in pre-mix or oil injection systems
Formulated to meet API TC and JASO FD performance