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The newest addition to the Space Coast Group, Wayne’s Truck & Auto Parts has over 25,000 truck and auto parts and accessories for sale, which are available online or in-person at our local storefront in Cocoa, Florida. We’ve got a large variety of quality truck and auto part inventory in stock, from parts for small cars to tractor-trailers accessories and everything in between.


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At Wayne’s Truck & Auto Parts, we have an experienced and customer-service-driven staff who are ready to show you a vast selection of top-quality auto supplies for any truck, tractor, or car. From updating your look to getting some new cables, airbags, brake drums, you name it – we have it, or we can get it for you. Whether you’re shopping for your vehicle, your entire fleet, or your work truck, get in touch, and we’ll be happy to help.


Man holding clip board grabbing auto parts off the shelf

All the Best Car and Truck Parts in One Place

Whether your truck, car, or fleet is ready for a total makeover, or you just need to tweak a few things, we’ve got your back! Wayne’s Truck & Auto Parts supplies high-standard high-performance oils built to last. Our expert sales staff offers personalized service and can help you select the best products that fit your budget and get the job done.

Man holding clip board grabbing auto parts off the shelf
Man retrieving parts from shelf

Wayne’s Truck & Auto Parts offers our clients a wide range of required maintenance products, like our grade A brake hoses. We think freedom of choice is critical to our clients, so our selection may be more extensive than you’re used to. Feel free to ask our sales force, and they’ll all agree that with our brake hoses, you’ll feel the difference as soon as you drive away.

At Wayne’s Truck & Auto Parts, our wide selection of original and high-quality airbags is second to none. We’ve provided our clients with a superior selection of heavy-duty truck parts, including airbags, for multiple makes and models.