PN#10848  SKU#15890  Lucas 4-Stroke Medium Karting Oil is designed for use in high performance, high rpm engines operating under high temperature race conditions. The medium viscosity provides improved horsepower and reduced friction. Our product is 100% synthetic which provides excellent high temperature protection and helps extend the life of the oil. Our product contains anti-wear and extreme pressure agents along with our unique Lucas additive chemistry which effectively protects the valve train, bearings, piston rings and cylinder walls from wear. It contains effective rust and corrosion inhibitors to protect engines during use and short and long term storage. Lucas 4-Stroke Medium Karting Oil contains unique ester chemistry to provide supplemental friction reducing properties. Our product is compatible with both conventional and synthetic karting oils and will provide protection up to 300°F operating temperature. Our viscosity at 100°c equates to SAE 30 oil.

Key Benefits
100% Synthetic
Contains anti-wear and extreme pressure agents
Contains effective rust and corrosion inhibitors
Contains unique ester chemistry