PN#343-4195  SKU#12148  Made of cast aluminum. 6-bolt holes. Easy to handle. Red rubber plug “P” with side fill plug. Made up of cast Aluminum. Lightweight. 5/16″ bolt size.

VMRS: 018003003. Hub Cap type: Bolt on. Mounting Hole Count: 6. Mounting Bolt Size (bolt on): 0.31 in. Bolt Circle Diameter (bolt on): 6.75 in. Overall Depth: 3.00 in. Inside Depth: 2.00 in. Flange Inner Diameter: 5.00 in. Flange Outer Diameter: 7.00 in. Gasket Part: #330-3118. Window Kit Part #: 359-5995. Notes: Hub Cap with Pipe Plug.