PN#197-9642  SKU#11971  Cat® Idler Pulley for accessory drive is a rotating mechanical component to guide or maintain tension in a belt or chain, providing smoother operation. Description: Cat idler pulleys are designed and tested to deliver the quality you expect from your equipment. Cat idler pulleys are responsible for guiding and tensioning the engine belt drives. They are also used to reduce belt vibrations by supporting a segment of belt prone to vibrations.

Attributes: Assembly includes idler pulley, bearing and standard metric hardware. 8 groove pulley. Application: Cat idler pulleys are used to support engine belt drives around the various engine components, such as idler assembly, alternator assembly and compressor assembly. Consult your owner’s manual or contact your local Cat Dealer for more information.

SPECIFICATIONS: Width (mm): 66. Height (mm): 91.4. Length (mm): 91.4.