PN#600241   SKU#13264  Anti-Siphon Tube. Fits Heavy Duty Volvo, International & Mack Trucks, 3″ Diameter Filler Neck. Protect your fuel with Velvac’s AntiSiphon Tubes. Makes siphoning fuel impossible- patented aluminum extrusion in the tube. Durable design- made from 6061 aircraft aluminum tubing with a 0.065″ wall thickness. Vented for fueling- fuel 20+ gallons per minute
OEM approved design- fits almost every filler neck. NOTE: CAN NOT BE REMOVED ONCE INSTALLED


Measure the inside diameter of the fuel tank filler neck
Measure the length (Dimension A) of the fuel tank filler neck using a tape measure inside the neck.
Review the available anti-siphon tubes and their dimension (Dimension B) from the underside of the top lip to the tip of the last barb.
Select an anti-siphon tube with Dimension B greater than Dimension A to insure that when installed the barbs will catch on the bottom of the filler neck and prevent removal of the anti-siphon tube.
Insert properly sized anti-siphon tube into filler neck and press into place. If you pull back on the anti-siphon tube after installed and it can be easily removed, it is not sized properly. It is recommended that you re-check the above noted dimensions.