PN#HG506 Assorted hoses. All hoses are Aeroquip brand, part number GH506. Each hose has a different length and type of fitting. They all have the same price, the price is for each one.
Due to the size of each hose is different, please let us know which one you want to purchase and we will set up the shipping price specifically for that hose.

HG506: Color: Black. Conductivity: Conductive. Construction: 4 Spiral. Cover material: Synthetic Rubber. Dash size: -20. Description Product: Aeroquip GH506 Series Rubber Hydraulic Spiral Hose.

Feature: Maximum durability under harsh operating conditions. Robust construction able to withstand highest pressures. System engineered to extend hose assembly life. Inside diameter: 1.25 inch. Applications: High pressure hydraulic systems.