PN#060056  SKU#20990

*Functions as a “fuse” in the fuel crossover line, automatically shutting off the flow of fuel if the line between a vehicle’s main and auxiliary tanks is torn away or obstructed.
*Separates before the crossover fuel line ruptures, preventing damage to fuel tank lines, fittings and valves.
*Reduces the risk of fire and fuel slicks by minimizing fuel loss if crossover fuel line is torn away.
*Lightweight aluminum construction.
*3-1/8″ length, 1-1/4″ diameter. Technical Information Flow—4.0 gpm minimum at 1.0 psi differential pressure. Leakage—Prior to actuation: zero leakage up to 5.0 psi. After actuation: maximum 1/2 oz. by weight up to 5.0 psi. Actuation—Tension: minimum 450 Ibs.; maximum 700 Ibs. Bending: minimum 450 in./Ibs.; maximum 700 in./Ibs. Environmental—Meets all performance requirements during and after exposure to salt spray, vibration, blended fuels and hot or cold temperature variations typical of tractor operating conditions.