PN#S932  SKU#9001  Single Head Dial Gauge. Maximum 60 pounds per square inch. Single head chuck. Includes deflator valve. 45 degree dial type tire gauge has an internal diaphragm construction for greater durability. Has a range or 0-60 PSI or 0-400 kPa. 45 degree chuck head comes with deflator valve and durable rubber boot.

Deflator Valve Included: Y. Height: 1.5″. KPA Range: 0 to 400, 20 kPa increments. Length: 4.5″. Width: 2.5″. MP Exclude Sitemap: No. PSI range: 0 – 60 PSI in 2 lb. Increments. Short Description: DIAL TIRE GAUGE 0-60 PSI. Usage: Internal diaphragm for greater durability.