PN#11175  SKU#15900  64 Fluid Ounce Bottle. Lucas Oil Products has decided to introduce a hand sanitizer in a 64-fluid ounce (2-Quart) refill bottle. Hand sanitizers can be drying to the skin. Our product contains a small amount of glycerin to help reduce that tendency. Lucas Hand Sanitizer is an ideal product to carry with you and use when soap and water are not conveniently available. Safety Note: Alcohol solutions are flammable. Exercise caution and keep away from open flames or other sources of ignition.

Topical Solution of 80% Ethyl Alcohol
Water Thin Formula
Formulated in Accordance with FDA Recommendations
Manufactured and Packaged in an FDA Registered Facility
Fast Acting Antiseptic
Unscented with a milder odor than isopropyl alcohol based formulas

#11176 – 2 Ounces – $1.95