PN#058008  SKU#12993  Left Elbow Terminal. Gauge: 3/0. Polarity: Negative. Color: Purple. One-piece, cast copper construction. Lead-plated for corrosion resistance. Cable size clearly designated on terminals to ensure correct size selection. Polarity shown on terminals to avoid mixing positive and negative connections. Tool die and letter codes permanently marked on terminals to simplify installation with other manufacturers tools. Uniform wall thickness assures high reliability when connector is crimped on cable. Long barrels for added strength and vibration resistance. Heat-shrink tubing should be used over all battery terminal connections. Wire Gauge Color- Code: 4 Gauge – Green2 Gauge – Pink1 Gauge – Pink1/0 Gauge – Black2/0 Gauge – Orange3/0 Gauge – Purple4/0 Gauge – Yellow.