PN#600185-6  SKU#12891  Aluminum Locking Fuel Cap. Female, Vented, 3″ Nominal Size, 8 Threads Per Inch. Nominal Size: 3″. Threads Per Inch: 5-1/2. Across Threads – Filler Neck (inches): 3-1/2″. Across Threads – Cap (inches): 3-7/16″. Safety chain and crossbar are standard. Patented Loc-Gard on locking cap protects against moisture and contaminants (U.S. Patent No. 4,706,841).
Supplied with 2 keys. Keys not available separately. Meets 49 CFR 393.67 requirements for vehicles built after October 1985.
For diesel applications only. Replaces Freightliner A03-12927-6 and Kenworth K071-385-1234.