PN#10917  SKU#15853  Lucas Non-Conductive Anti-Wear Hydraulic Oil ISO 22 is formulated with pure base oils and an additive chemistry that provides excellent oxidative and thermal stability. It provides excellent wear protection and reduces deposits and sludge. It contains an effective foam inhibitor which minimizes foam. Dielectric strength of 38 kV makes it an excellent non-conductive fluid. The minimum value required is 35 kV. Dielectric strength is extremely sensitive to humidity and contamination. Once the containers are opened, the dielectric strength cannot be expected to remain at its original value. Containers should be kept tightly sealed and stored in a dry environment. Our product is recommended for use wherever non-conductive fluids are required. Typical uses include cherry pickers and firetruck snorkels. High flash point reduces danger of fire.

Key Benefits
Excellent oxidative & thermal stability
Excellent wear protection
Reduces deposits & sludge
excellent non-conductive fluid
Minimizes foam
Cleanliness Rating 16/14/11
Up to 12,000 hr. life

ISO 22 : #10691 – 5 Gallon Pail – $104.25
ISO 32 : #11107 – 5 Gallon Pail – $104.25
ISO 46 : #10917 – 5 Gallon Pail – $104.25