PN#032222  SKU#13108  Pressure Protection Valve. 1/4″ Inlet Port NPTM (Hex Nipple), 1/4″ Outlet Ports NPTF, 100 (maximum) Nominal Opening Pressure (psi), 70 (minimum) Nominal Closing Pressure (psi). Outlet Port Size: 1/4 NPTF”. Inlet Port Size: 1/4 (Hex Nipple) NPTM”. Nominal Opening Pressure: 100 (max) psi. Nominal Closing Pressure: 70 (min) psi. Primary Vehicle Application: Mack. Note: Primary vehicle application. Designed for convenient in-tank mounting on tanks with dual outlet ports. Includes Virbraseal sealant on mounting thread for easy installation.
Primary vehicle application: Mack (replaces Mack number 20QE2326A); valve is universal and suitable for a variety of applications.