PN#017950  SKU#12741  Push-Lock Air Brake Fitting, 90° Male Swivel Elbow. Material: Brass. Pipe Size: 1/8″. Tube Size: 1/4″. Designed for use with SAE J844 nylon tubing. DOT 49 CFR 571.106 compliant. Fittings comply with worldwide Standard and Legislation, including SAE J1131 “Hot Pull” requirements. Operating temperatures from -40° F to +212° F. Maximum operating pressure 0 to 150 psi. Elbows and male brach fittings with built in swivel for positioning. Collet with multiple teeth for high grip on the tube. Side load retention capabilities. Positive release bushing for easy insertion and removal of tubing. Thread sealant applied to all male pipe threads to reduce installation time and expense.

WARNING! Velvac’s line of push-lock brake fittings and tubing are designed only for use in vehicles where air is utilized as the operating fluid. As such, Velvac’s push-lock air brake fittings should only be used in a manner consistent with the manufacturer’s specifications. Using Velvac’s push-lock fittings or tubing improperly or in a manner inconsistent with the manufacturer’s specifications may result in serious injury or property damage. For example, Velvac’s push-lock fittings and tubing are not intended for use in environments exceeding 150 psi and temperatures below -40° and above +120° F. Velvac’s push-lock fittings and tubing are intended for use only as defined in 49CFR571.106. The U.S. Department of Transportation prohibits the use of push-lock fittings and nylon tubing as a connection between a semi-tractor & trailer, or a drive shaft and chassis.