PN#258-4  SKU#18898  Electro-Mechanical Plastic Flasher Module 24V with Spade/Ring Terminal. Certified for 10 bulb load hazard warning, 5 bulb load turn signal, plus pilot. Flashes two 75 watt sealed beams per circuit. For school buses or emergency vehicles. Polycarbonate housing and brass terminals for superior corrosion resistance and conductivity. Proven to exceed 1.5 million cycles of continuous operation at max capacity without failure. Voltage: 24. Series: Signal-Stat. Number of Lamps: 10. Number of Wires: 3. Wire Gauge: 16. Lamp Connection: Hardwired. Plug Side One: Hardwired. Plug Side Two: Spade Terminal. Ring Terminal. KIT (Y/N): No. Mount/Trim Color: Black. Mount/Trim Material: Plastic. Housing Material: Plastic. Audible (Y/N): No. Mount Type: 2 Screw.