PN#33123  SKU#10275  Style: Spin-On Fuel/Water Separator Filter. Service: Fuel. Media: Enhanced Cellulose. Height: 6.629(168)*. Outer Diameter Top: 3.698(94)*. Outer Diameter Bottom: Closed:. Thread Size: 1-12. Burst Pressure-PSI: 240. Max Flow Rate: 15. Nominal Micron Rating: 12. Principle Application: Chev, GMC Trucks 6.2L, 6.6L Diesel Engine (Fuel/Water Separator w/Drain (12 Micron) (If base needed for this filter, use 24309) – can be used w/ diesel or gasoline – can use this filter along with base 24309 to convert cartridge fuel filters to the convenience of a spin-on or to add increased capacity and water removal capability to your existing fuel system.