PN#10117  SKU#15786  Synthetic SAE 10w-30 API Sn Plus Motor Oil – 5 Gallon Pail. Lucas Synthetic SAE 10W-30 is a formulation of only the finest light synthetic base oils plus an exclusive additive package that includes lubricity agents and anti-seize agents that control drag like a zero weight oil and protect like a heavy multi-viscosity oil. It is the perfect non-foaming lubricant for high RPM karting and motorcycle engines. It is also excellent for normal highway use. Lucas Synthetic SAE 10W-30 is the perfect lubricant for extreme low temperatures or extreme high temperatures and blends with other synthetic or regular motor oil. Blend a quart or two into your conventional motor oil for easier starting and longer oil life. Exceeds American and European OEM specifications. Exceeds performance levels of API SM/SL/SJ/CF, ILSAC GF-4, ACEA A3-98, B3-98, B4-98, VW 500/502/505, Daimler Chrysler 229.1 and BMW Longlife Oil. This excellent product provides the consistent viscosity needed for precision ET racing.