PN#10191  SKU#15783  Lucas Synthetic SAE 5W-40 Motor Oil is a formulation of high quality synthetic base stocks and an exclusive high performance additive package. It?s an ideal on track/off track lubricant that ensures minimum drag for maximum fuel mileage, and easy cold weather starting. The user can expect maximum protection from wear even with extended drain intervals. The exclusive additive package in Lucas Synthetic SAE 5W-40 ensures extra protection and longer oil life in turbo charged engines. The user can expect lower oil temperatures and more miles/kilometers between overhauls. Designed for use in both gasoline and automotive diesel engines. Meets or exceeds all manufacturers specifications for SAE 5W-40 and API SL. Exceeds A3/B3/B4, VW 502/505/500 and Ford WSS M2 C 917 A. Exceeds American and European OEM specifications. Exceeds performance levels of API SM/SL/SJ/CF, ACEA A3-98, B3-98, B4-98, VW 500/502/505, Daimler Chrysler 229.1 and BMW Long-life Oil. Size: 5 Gal.