PN#10658  SKU#16291  Synthetic Multi-Vehicle ATF TES-295. Lucas Full Synthetic Multi-Vehicle Automatic Transmission Fluid is blended with a balanced additive package and the highest quality synthetic base oils to provide transmissions with excellent oxidation stability, foam resistance, rust and corrosion inhibition properties, wear protection and heat resistance. This multi-vehicle ATF provides smooth shifting and eliminates chatter. Lucas ATF is recommended for use in both new and older vehicles including Japanese and European transmissions. It is compatible with synthetic and conventional fluids and has outstanding seal compatibility. Recommended for use in high performance trucks, buses, utility vehicles, haulers and recreational vehicles. Lucas Full Synthetic Multi-Vehicle Automatic Transmission Fluid meets or exceeds Ford MERCON V, Allison C-4, Allison TES-295, JASO 1-A, Voith H55.6335, Voith 55.6336, ZF TE-ML 14A, MAN 393 Z1, Z2, Z3 V1, V2, F, MB 236.9, Esso LT 71141, GM Dexron, Dexron II, Dexron III H, Chrysler ATF +3, Chrysler ATF +4, BMW LT 71141, BMW LA2634, Audi G-052-162-A1, Audi G 052 025-A2, MERCON, Kia SP-II, Kia SP-III, JWS 3309, Idemitsu K17, Hyundai SP-II, Hyundai SP-III, Honda Z-1, Mazda ATF-MV, Mazda ATF-M III, MB 236.1, 236.2, 236.5, 236.6, 236.7, 236.10, Subaru, Nissan Matic-K, Nissan Matic-J, Nissan Matic-D, Mitsubishi Diamond SP-II, Mitsubishi Diamond SP-III, Toyota T-III, Toyota T-IV, VW G-052-162-A1, VW G-052-025-A2, ZF TE-ML 03D, TE-ML 17C, TE-ML 16L, TE-ML 14C, TE-ML 14B, TE-ML 14A, Volvo 97340. Lucas Full Synthetic Multi-Vehicle ATF is also recommended for use in all power steering applications with the exception of Honda. Lucas Multi-Vehicle ATF is not recommended for use in CVT, Ford Type F, MB 236.12, GM Dexron VI, MERCONSP, and MERCONLV. Size: 5 Gal.