PN#S-506  SKU#10189  Original Dual-Head Chuck Tire Inflator Gauge – 15″ Hose. Accurate: Performance-tested and calibrated. PSI: 10-160, 2 lb. increments. Dual Head Full Swivel Chuck: Easily access hard to reach tire valves. Durable: Heavy-duty industrial construction. Easy To Read: Magnifying window lens. Length: 15 inch hose. Replaceable Parts: Gauge and valve cartridges can both be replaced.

USES: Auto, sport utility, truck, bicycle, motorsport, trailers, motor homes/5th wheels, wheelbarrows, golf carts, lawn tractors, motorcycles, ATVs, and more.


PSI: 10-160 Increments: 2 lb. kPa: 80-840 Increments: 20 kPa. Threads: ⅜-24.