PN#Type 300  SKU#20661  The Type 300 Air Filter Regulator is designed to provide clean, accurate air pressure to instruments, valves, and other automatic control equipment. This filter regulator has been proven to provide accurate operating characteristics under variable conditions. Durable materials and a standard epoxy paint finish provide long lasting corrosion resistance in harsh industrial environments. The Type 300 AFR is a quality unit that is ideal as an economical alternative for control of process applications. For NACE MR-01-75 complaint option, see our Type 310 air filter regulator.


1/4” ports.
ATEX certifications.
Low Temperature option: down to -62°F (-52 °C).
5 Micron filter and tamper proof options.

Port Size: 1/4″ NPT. Output Range: 0-10 psig (0-.7 bar), 0-120 psig (0-8 bar), 0-30 psig (0-2 bar), 0-60 psig (0-4 bar). Flow Capacity (at 100 psig; 20 psig outlet): 22 scfm (623 Nl/min). Exhaust Capacity: 0.1 scfm (2.83 Nl/min). Max. Supply Pressure: 250 psig (17 bar). Air Consumption: Less than 5 scfh (2.5 Nl/min). Ambient Temperature Limits: 0° to 160°F (-18° to 71°C), -62° to 194°F (-52° to 90°C). Cv: 0.4. Sensitivity: 1 in. (25.4 mm). Mounting: Pipe, Panel, Bracket, Through Body. Filter: 40 micron, 5 micron. Weight: 1.6 lb. (0.73 kg). Body Materials:
Diecast Aluminum Alloy. Other Materials: Sintered Polyethylene, Nitrile Elastomer, Nylon Fabric, Brass, Zinc Plated Steel, Acetal.