PN#032236  SKU#13119  In-Line Quick Release Valve. Air Flipper Valve, Lever Position=Right Off, Primary Vehicle Application: Navistar. Push-connect fittings mate easily with 1/4″ nylon tubing for easy installation. 150 psi maximum operating pressure. ON-OFF Faceplate part No.032039 fits air- electric and air flipper valves Part Nos. 032232, 032233, 032234 and 032236 and installs using a 10-24 x 1/4″ screw. Air-Electric Valves Technical Information. Switch Off Position : No air flow, electrical contacts open. Switch On Position : Air flows through valve, electrical contacts closed. Amperage : 5 amp resistive current load at 12 VDC. Terminal Size : 1/4″ blade terminal. Pressure Switch: Open below 10 psi, closed above 35 psi.
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