PN#032249  SKU#13126  Dash Valve. Universal Air Suspension Dump Dash Valve, 2 Position, 3-Way Air Valve. Two-position three-way air valves. Includes DOT compliant (FMVSS 106) push-to-connect fittings for 1/4″ tubing. Built-in standard four pin electrical connector for backlit function. Additional rear port used to easily jumper air lines between valves. Fits standard 22mm x 44mm openings, easily replacing valves found on many current model trucks. Operating Temperature: -10° F to +160° F. Rated Pressure: 150 psi maximum. Rated Current Load: 1 amp at 14 VDC (max).
Electric Connector: Valve connector mates with Metric-Pack 150 Series connector Part No. 12045813 with female terminals (for reference only-not available from Velvac and not included).